Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Broadcasting from India!!

Grant and I are in India! Mumbai to be exact, and we've been traveling for something like 45 hours... We fly out for Kolkata in about an hour where we will proceed to get our room in the Salvation Army place and then meet with some of the Sisters to be placed in our volunteer positions at Mother Teresa's homes! We met a really sweet girl who has worked in the homes several times at the airport, so she was able to answer a lot of questions for us. The spicy food has already been taking a toll on our tummies. Nothing has been stolen! So overall everything is going so well. That's all there is time for right now, this free computer and internet is slow and faulty and the keyboard is super sticky and annoying, the others need to use the computer, and I am operating on very little sleep. We send our love... from India!!


  1. Hi sweetheart, dad here. Thank you so much for the update, I am glad you are safely at your destination. Please get some rest and may our Lord sustain and guide you.


  2. wow. this is only the beginning.
    and i already miss you so very much!
    ha ha.. dangit.
    i love you morgan!

  3. Morgon,
    So glad to hear that you guys made it safely. I will read yours and Gracie's blog to keep abreast of your travels and your good works. You are all so courageous and I am so proud of you. God bless you, Grant, Gracie and the group. Love to you all,
    Aunt Jan

  4. I pray for you both Morgan and Grant. I can't tell you how much I admire you for what you are doing. I'll bet you will be glad to get home but it is such an experience for you both. "If God leads you to it, He will see you through it". Love you Phyllis