Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rough Times.

Hey everyone!

It's been a few days, but I haven't been up to writing. Basically I got a stomach infection which was then starting to cause other infections, one of which was a blood infection. So lots of stomach pain and time in bed and the bathroom, but I'm getting better, thanks to the help of a French naturopathic doctor staying at this hostel. He's such a sweet guy :) His name is Frankie and when I asked if I could pay him for the time he spent treating me and the medicine he gave me, he said that if I got better it would make him happy and that is payment enough. He left last night, along with other friends we've made here. One girl, a sweetheart named Dominique, joined us in our group meeting and prayer and told us that she could feel a real love in and from our group. We were so happy! This is exactly what we were hoping God would achieve through us.

We are all still suffering from bed bugs, some more than others. A few of us, myself included are getting heat rashes on different parts of our bodies. Grant had to leave Nabo Jiban early today because he felt nauseous, and others have been throwing up and getting infections as well. We're being as careful as we can, but it is so easy to get sick here in India!

I missed a day yesterday but I was back working in the houses today, and I was so glad. I love those kids! I've already told you about Lota and Bobeta. Today I was exercising Lota (much more effectively than the first time) and playing with her. She loves mirrors and being picked up and carried, so I decided to do both. Her happiness was amazing! I would dip her to let her see herself in the mirror and then lift her back up. She was writhing around in my arms, throwing her head back in screams of laughter, and flailing her arms around until she'd successfully pulled all of my hair out of my ponytail. I fed an adorable boy named Lakhan. He also has cerebral palsy, and is a spastic quadripilegic. He hates being fed because his tongue doesn't work; you have to shove the food to the back of his throat. I wonder what these children see. Like I feel that God is talking to them or something, because for no reason whatsoever during his feeding, he started rapidly stomping his feet open down and opened his mouth wide with an excited smile. There is an adorable baby named Amrit that I haven't worked with yet, but I'm already in love with him. There is another named Angelo, who has an enlarged head and several scars on his stomach. They found him abandoned on the street at one month old and took him in the hospital. They performed several extensive surgeries to drain fluid in his head, but didn't expect him to last a month. He is now two. A boy named Johnny has to stand for at least ten minutes each morning in his gaiters. He's always crying from pain at the end of it. A cute girl named Deepa doesn't have eyes and is as stubborn as can be. I cried today when I found out that none of these children will live past the age of eighteen.


  1. I'm glad other people are feeling your love there :) I knew that would be an easy task for you guys to achieve because you really all are so full of love.

    That is sad about the children though :( Isn't in good to know that you're bringing some joy into their short lives though? I bet that makes everything worth it.

    And no more getting sick, okay guys? You can't have me worrying all the time.


  2. I am glad you were ministered to and received healing sweetheart. I am praying you stay healthy that you may minister to others. Was the French doctor a believer? I believe you ministered to him as well! ~Dad